Digital Positioning

To achieve entrepreneurial goals, the right strategy in business planning and controlling is essential. The expansion of the strategy to include digital transformation topics is the first step of positioning your business in the digital world.

Often, digital transformation is driven separately in functional or technical departments and the formation of silos can be observed. However, new business opportunities and unprecedented optimisation possibilities only result from comprehensive, strategic/tactical consideration by management. The true opportunities of digital transformation can be used when senior management aligns business objectives and direction. It is crucial to identify and define the business areas which should or have to be considered in the transformation, and to communicate the strategic approach. Use cases as the basis for yet-to-be-defined business cases will be founded and roped in on the strategy.

The right path to success incorporates the analysis of data and facts as well as the alignment of the digital transformation with the business strategy.

With our experience, we support you in this first step towards transformation.


Overview of our services

  • Analysis of Business strategy, focusing on digital transformation
  • Identification of business areas and use cases for the digital transformation process
  • Preparation of the change process during the creation and implementation phase
  • Project planning, management and controlling